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 Betreff des Beitrags: Crossover European firmware
BeitragVerfasst: Fr Jan 11, 2008 7:58 am 

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Es tut mir leit, aber meiner deutche sprache sind nicht gut genau, fuer dieses info posten inns Deutch. Viellicht einem auf board, es translatiert koennte. Es ist auch am der GPSPASSION board Magellan sektionen. ( ... _ID=104781 )
Viellicht die firmware info hier, ins XO faq inkludiert koennte ?


There is newer firmware available, albeit not for download, only via RMA.

The current european firmware on shipping XO devices from Magellan, is 1.81/1.83, for the boxed devices with regional maps (I.E. Nordic, D/A/C/H, Iberia, etc). The boxed version with the full european map, ships with version 1.93.

The previous versions are 1.75, and then the initial version 1.57 which was on the devices at launch in Europe.
All of the european devices include an european non-detailed basemap in flash, no matter which firmware version, and the regionalized devices include the detailed map for the selected areas on the enclosed SD card.

AFAIK when the change to firmware 1.75 took place, the format on the regional maps on the SD card changed from a V. 2 Magellan binary map format, to a V. 3. Magellan binary map format, and that is the reason why you can't download any firmware upgrades for the european XO devices - Since you would be left with just the base map, and a non functional SD card containing the detailed maps, for an upgraded device. And since the SD card map files are tied to the SD card serial number, you can't just download a new mapfile to copy over onto the SD card.

So a firmware upgrade from 1.57 to a newer firmware, whether it is 1.75 or 1.81/1.83 can only be done by contacting Magellan, and getting a RMA form, then ship the device to Magellan, and wait for them to send you a new/refurbished device with the current firmware and corresponding SD-card.

If you don't want to do that, the only option left, is to purchase the complete European map on SD card for the XO, and you'll get a CD with the firmware upgrade to 1.93 as well, since that firmware is currently the only version that can read the complete european detailed map sold on SD cards.

In other words, Magellan has screwed the pooch on this one as well. Don't even get me started on how many times, and how many different people at Magellan's various "support centers" I had to contact by phone and e-mail, to finally get the information, and the RMA process started.

Nice device, shame about the FUBAR'ed, SNAFU'ed supportsystem that Magellan has gotten in to place. And yes, I went via Apu's stupider halfbrother in Mumbai who took 25 minutes to figure out that I meant the Crossover and not an Xplorist, to Irish John in France who couldn't figure out NOT to send a french e-mail and RMA form to me, after speaking for 39 minutes on the phone in ENGLISH, to Vani in France, who first sent me the english version of that email sans RMA form, after I requested they send me the english version of the french email and RMA form TWICE, and who know who else was involved, just to get the RMA process started.

So you guys across the pond, you are NOT alone in the misgivings with Magellan Support. As I said, I like the device, but I will not purchase, nor recommend anybody to buy a Magellan device, untill they have gotten their support system fixed.


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BeitragVerfasst: Fr Jan 11, 2008 8:43 am 
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This problem is well known and a result of the missing authorization mode of the V2 Maps in combination with the first firmware of the CrossoverGPS. As long as any other manufacturer secures his map data, its Magellans right to do the same and to prevent customers up to fw 1.75 with V2 maps bricking their devices, the update only comes through the service or together with new map data.

Gruss, Matz

p.s.: welcome on board :-)

Gruss, Matz
Seid nett zu Eurem GPS und geht mit ihm nach draussen !

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Hi DutchDK,

welcome on board. English language is ok and there are tons of users that do understand that language.
Yes, we all went through that excercise already, well documented in this board - but in German language. Sorry for you, since there is no English Magellan user community as we have running here.
The support from Magellan is way beyond perfect and I can say this, since I run an european service operation (different business). But they are on their way - into the right direction.
BUT, next time before you call the support, use this board and post your issue. I'm sure that there is already a post in the German section that covers it. :lol: :lol:

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